About Me

Highly skilled massage therapist with ten years of experience who is competent using a wide variety of healing modalities, also Sports Medicine Therapist, Rehabilitation Therapist. 



Utah College of Massage Therapy815 Hr. Graduate Program  

Chicago School of Massage Therapy: Cortiva Institute- 750 Hr. Program

Here are some comments about my work.

Miracle Worker

I was in sorry shape when I met Kevin. He has bent, prodded, and twisted me into the most flexible shape I've been in years! He has provided me with a useful education about my body along the way. I am slowly restructuring both my body and my way of thinking about my long term health. I am hoping to continue improving, eventually getting into better shape than when I was in my 20s. Thank you Kevin!!

- MikeT (10/19/13)


Hurt so good

When I first met Kevin, he assured me that this wasn't going to be the traditional "feel good" massage. He wasn't kidding. Kevin introduced me to a level of flexibility that I hadn't seen since I was a teenager. His techniques went far beyond my expectations and the results were seen almost immediately. My treatment began with Kevin's colleague, Dr. Anthony Galante, for treatment of a ruptured disc by way of disc decompression therapy. It wasn't until recently that I "graduated" to the Kevin Tebo school of rehabilitation. Some people use oxymoronic phrases like "organized chaos," but with Kevin...

Close -

... its more like "therapeutic torture." Making someone as out of shape as I felt become fit and flexible isn't an easy task, but nothing that is worthwhile ever is easy. The unique union of skills and techniques under one roof is nothing short of stellar. Without the therapy I've received up until now, I would not be able to perform the daily tasks that have once again become easy. I truly appreciate everything they have done for me.

Close -

- Chris (08/08/13)



Kevin is awesome and I always look forward to working with him. Very professional and very good at quickly assessing the issues and targeting what he needs to. Exceptional at educating and empowering me to work on my issues outside of the sessions we have together.

- Karen (05/17/13)



I've been bent "out of shape" plenty of times, but only once "into shape". Seriously, Kevin is very skilled at giving a "vigorous" workout which has done wonders for several shoulder problems I've had and, more recently some back problems. Highly recommend him!

- Hans (05/09/13)


I have visited massage therapists all over the world in the last 15 years and have found that Kevin is the most individual focused I have found. His attention to my needs of understanding has been one of the things critical to my successful recovery from slip disks in my back and neck. While some of the stretching and deep tissue therapy have been challenging it has been greatly rewarding in the long run. I am far more limber and active today than I have been in years. Our relationship has grown into a honest friendship from a client relationship.

- John (04/17/13)


this man has the skills

Instead of the normal, useless, traditional massage, Kevin combines sports massage with what I can only assume is jujitsu, and actually corrects what's wrong with my body. He might bend me and twist me like a pretzel for a bit, but when we're done, I feel ten times better than I did walking in. He also takes the time to make sure I understand what I'm doing incorrectly in my daily routine, and what preventive measures I can take. Can't recommend enough.

- Chris (04/09/13)


Relief from Adhesions

I was diagnosed seven years ago with extensive adhesions in my small intestines. The doctors could do nothing and surgery was on a life-threatening basis only. I had frequent, recurring intestinal blockages (very painful), and eating was a problem. Kevin is one of the few massage therapists willing to try to beak up the scar tissue caused by four surgeries, radiation and chemo. Even after just one treatment, I felt relief. I am sticking with it and can now eat, and my quality of life has certainly improved.

- sue hartman (12/11/11)



i thought that kevin was great. he made my body feel younger and stronger. i felt that it was the best massage that i have ever had.

- john vass (07/27/11)


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